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Meet Our Artists and Instructors

Teller Street Gallery is an art gallery and gift boutique dedicated to featuring art and products from Colorado and within the community of Wheat Ridge by exhibiting local fine artists and artisans, along with up-and-coming artists. The gallery also exhibits a variety of art from national and international artists including contemporary and traditional style paintings, jewelry, mixed media, digital art, photography, re-purposed, and textile art.

We're located in a two story mid-century modern building on the main strip of West 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. We're within walking distance of several shops and restaurants along this historic main corridor, also referred to as The Ridge at 38.

Our gallery participates in several art events throughout the year including periodic First Friday shows, community and specialty art exhibits, exhibits and projects for kids and teens, and additional area art shows.

Alexander Lisman

Alex teaches painting classes!

Born and raised on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, Alexander Lisman learned to appreciate the pristine surroundings and the quality of light that only the mountains can provide. Lisman discovered his artistic voice in bronze figurative sculpture through his study of the great masters of the past and the present. For Lisman, translating the clay maquette to a completed bronze sculpture is deeply spiritual and represents the human process of self-perfection.

Lisman begins a sculpture by developing themes for his work based on myth, legend, dance, or theater. His series of six to eight pieces are then tied to this central idea or story. He makes detailed graphite and charcoal drawings of all views of each figure before translating them into clay maquettes. He strives to capture the movement and emotion of the subject by first blocking out the larger muscular shapes, manipulating the piece until it has the desired motion and emotion. He then fine-tunes the figure by placing the minute details of expression in the face, hands and feet. The piece is only complete when Lisman feels it has the right energy and spirit. When he can finally let go of the attachment to his work, then he knows it has reached its full potential.

Lisman completed his BFA in Fine Arts and Art Education at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2010, and is currently in a Master of Arts program. He has a love of teaching and tutors private art students on an individual basis, helping them to find their own voice and develop their own creative style. Lisman is currently working as the head of the art department at Eagle Ridge Academy in Brighton Colorado.

Forged by a sound understanding of technique, Alexander Lisman strives to suggest the positive nature of mankind into his work and adheres to his philosophy that “Men are that they might have Joy.”

Bruce Beck

Bruce Beck was born and raised in Oregon and developed a love for the outdoors through his parents while fishing the high lakes in the Cascades during the summer.

Bruce calls Colorado home now, and since retirement has taken up the art of Gyotaku (fish rubbing) which he learned from his nephew, Tim Beck, of Southern Oregon. Gyotaku art came from the Japanese in the early 1800’s and is most prominent on the east and west coast of the U.S.

He is now working with acrylic inks doing abstract and impressionistic art (flowers) and has an abstract series using the paint pouring method with exciting results on canvas.

Bruce is a member of the Arvada Fine Arts Guild, Mountainside Art Guild, and 40 West.

Ed Slack

Ed Slack's recent work focuses on the exploration of his love for the drama and romance of the nocturne, both manmade and natural. Painting ninety percent of his work on location after sunset, he is interested in the possibilities of paint to describe something you can't see clearly - a dark sky, a dimly lit street - using light and shadow to describe shapes and forms.

Ed continues the practice he began in 1976 at The American Academy of Art in Chicago where he studied under Irving Shapiro, Eugene Hall, and Bill Parks. He currently teaches oil and watercolor classes at Teller Street Gallery & Studios in Wheat Ridge, where he also has work on display. His work is also displayed at Spirits in the Wind Gallery in Golden, and the Grand Lake Gallery in Grand Lake, Colorado.

Ippy Farnam

Ippy teaches stained glass mosaic classes!

Ippy Farnam is a multi-media artist residing in northwest Denver. She has also been an elementary art teacher for the past 20 years.

One of her favorite series made recently was Illuminations: From Africa to Denver which was a showing of glass mosaic windows completed after visiting Africa. The Africa series was created with inspiration from the exquisite fabrics she encountered in the country of Guinea. Although she studied batik with an African artist who had studied in Senegal, transferring the patterns and colors into glass mosaics was what spoke to her upon return. The colors, patterns, and designs are seen throughout Ippy's batiks and paintings.

Kali Fisher

Kali teaches art classes for kids and adults.

Kali is a graduate of Denver School of the Arts.

Karin Soderholm

In 2005, Karin said goodbye to her art students in Colorado, loaded her life into her car and drove to Savannah, Georgia to pursue an MFA in Fibers (textiles) at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Even as a student she continued her work as a teacher, leading workshops at area elementary schools and teaching at summer art camps. After graduation, this time she sold her car and loaded her life into suitcases and moved to the other side of the world, to Daegu, South Korea, where she worked as an Assistant Professor in the Craft Design department at Keimyung University for four years. And now recently she has completed the circle, returning to Colorado.

Always a maker, Karin learned to stitch as a young girl, sewing clothes and making quilts with her mom. She also learned to read maps at an early age, hiking with her dad and traveling with her family on endless road trips. Now she combines the two long-time interests by stitching roads and trails, making maps of new and old places. Her work often uses recycled fabrics, which she re-purposes into new images or objects.

Mandy Fulton

Mandy is co-owner, vino selector, art curator, janitor, and operating manager of Teller Street Gallery & Studios.

Mandy opened Teller Street in 2012 and later partnered with Nicole Anderson in 2015. She enjoys painting and working on various art projects.

Meegan Beissner Kiefel

"LinesBlurred came from painfully reflecting on our human struggle; true collision: pain/ joy, hope/ fear, free/protect, yin yang, straight/dizzying ... Real life happens, perhaps peace comes, accepting the beautiful fearful place where they inevitably merge."

A Wheat Ridge local, Meegan found her love of creating right here at Teller Street’s art classes. After emergency surgery in March, Meegan was initially content with a reprieve from her typical busy schedule, which included four shows per day, to rest and do some painting and writing while she convalesced at home. After a few months her arms and hands weren't recovering as quickly as the rest of her body. Painting and writing were far too challenging as she couldn't hold a brush or her arms upright without aid. Thinking it might be easier, she decided to create a decoupage (her first and only) for a contest on the Sports Radio show she co-hosts. She quickly learned that using gravity to glue the strips of paper was therapeutic for her hands and arms. She then began painting in the same manner, and while and expressing her pain and emotions through her artwork created her current series “Lines Blurred”. She continues to paint therapeutically daily.

As an endnote, Meegan loves a challenge; she is not accustomed to being or feeling idle so during this time she also applied for (her first and only pageant) the Mrs. Colorado pageant. She has been named Mrs. Wheat Ridge 2018 and will compete on April 11th in the state pageant. Never having done a pageant she asks that if anyone reading this has any experience with pageants she would appreciate any advice!! She is fond of "comic relief" and hopes that her arm and hand issues offer that at the pageant as well!

Meghan Gates

Meghan teaches painting classes.

Meghan fell in love with painting as soon as she was old enough to hold a paintbrush. A Colorado native who frequented the Art Students’ League of Denver, Meghan graduated with a BFA in theater (with an emphasis in scenic painting and design) and fine arts from Loyola University in Chicago. While she loves everything from oils to watercolor to mixed media, her favorite medium is latex (house) paint, which she frequently uses to create large-scale pieces as well as backdrops and sets for theatrical productions.

When she’s not painting, Meghan teaches middle school drama in Denver and runs a children’s theater company called Classic Acts.

Nicole Anderson

Nicole is co-owner and principal art instructor.

"I am an inspired painter and have been teaching art for several years in Colorado. I have experience teaching various art styles and mediums including watercolor, pastel, charcoal, sculpture and clay providing a full range of artistic expression. I feel fortunate to do what I love!"

Nicole's career as an artist has evolved over the years starting with an early interest in drawing and painting. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Education degree from Metro State College, Denver, Colorado.

Rich Waller

"In the mid 80's, I built my first studio and primarily worked in the area of relief sculpture that was mounted for wall hanging. My first pieces were made with sculpted foam and coated with granite chips or small ceramic beads suspended in an acrylic formulation. I then began sculpting in clay, making molds with urethane or silicone rubber and casting in a high psi fiberglass reinforced plaster.
I moved from sculpture to painting in the early 90's and until a few years ago painted exclusively in acrylics. I was familiar with acrylics from college, and have been amazed at the advancements in their formulations over the years.
I still prefer acrylics for my abstract pieces, but a few years ago I began working in transparent watercolors and am now devoted to this medium. My subject matter is varied but I tend to do a lot of landscapes and waterscapes. I also enjoy inventing and trying different painting techniques, and both watercolor and acrylics lend themselves to a great diversity of techniques and experimentation.""

Rich Waller graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1972 and moved to Colorado that same year to start a small manufacturing operation which is now ACH Foam Technologies.

Rich is available for custom portraits. Please inquire at the gallery for more information or email Rich at:

Sina March

Sina teaches Friday morning oil classes. Her classes are not posted on our calendar. Please call the studio for information and availability.

Sina March was reared in a rich and vibrant artistic environment in upstate New York. From an early age, she and her three siblings were encouraged to express themselves through art. Her mother was a poet and her father, a chemical engineer, was also a talented painter. Her father was Sina’s first painting teacher. These early influences caused her to study, explore, and create throughout her life.

Enrolling in the fine art program at Rockford College in Illinois, Sina studied drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, sculpture, and art history. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education along with a teaching certificate for secondary school and moved to Denver in 1972. In 1985 she earned a certificate in Interior Design from the Colorado Institute of Art.

Sina and her husband reared two children during these corporate years, and offered them a similar upbringing to their own…rich in artistic explorations and opportunities. In 2002, after their son and daughter left for college, Sina began taking painting lessons from Chuck Ceraso, an accomplished painter schooled in the Henry Henche, “art of color seeing”. As a member of the Art Students League of Denver, she widened her base through fine instruction and collaboration. Ken Valastro introduced her to the “painterly painting” experience, and Kim English encouraged capturing a figure in five minutes. Margaretta Gilboy showed her that a tweak on the canvas, “just a smidge”, could result in a remarkable improvement.

Sina is now pursuing her art full-time. In the Spring of 2013, she completed a year studying with Kevin Weckbach and his Master Painting Class at the Curtis Art Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado. With Kevin’s enlightened guidance, she explored and applied the elements of painting along with the visual approaches.

Her work has achieved recognition by earning various awards in juried art shows in the Denver area. In addition, her painting “Hideaway Lake” was chosen for the art collection of Kaiser Permanente and hangs in their medical building in downtown Denver.

Suzanne Martino

"Perhaps the greatest driving force in my work is to find ways to relate to the human experience. In my own attempts to understand myself, I make an attempt through artistic commentary to look at the ways in which our humanity unfolds, sometimes with seriousness, sometimes with humor and hopefully always with a bit of whimsy and imagination.
Thank you for taking the time to view my work."

I am often asked how I come up with ideas for my work. The first thought that comes to mind is that I keep my imagination toned. The more I create, the more I find that my mind expands and accommodates ideas in a spontaneous fashion.

My process is constant: looking for materials, thinking about how to use them, taking phrases that pass through my mind, or experiences that I have had, and creating a way to flesh them out.

I am motivated by finding the relationships between seemingly unrelated objects, which despite differences may share a similar color, shape, surface sheen or relevance regarding meaning. Over the last few years I have developed an interest in vintage collectables and lesser junk store finds. I often incorporate them into my work where they are given a second chance to be seen with a new perspective.

Terry Womble

Art is everywhere and can be almost anything. I have been described in the media of being reminiscent of Jackson Pollock and my performances have been compared to the late Denny Dent. Most critics comment on what they call my superb natural color palette, use of motion & energy. 90% of all paintings are created live during the Colorado summer festival and arts events in front of crowds. I have been painting for well over 30 years and have stopped counting creations at 4,500 a year ago. Most of these works have been sold through events and in Gallery.

Recent Gallery exhibits and performances: 2004 to Present Art 4 Love (NY, NY); 2005 Big Sky Featured Artist (Wheat Ridge, CO); 2005 Designed all paintings for Coral Room (Denver & Stapleton, CO); 2006 National Publication winner (Beatles Art Book) Chicago 2 selected pieces; 2006 Cow Parade Denver Artist 2 full size cows & one miniature (Denver, CO); 2006 Water Tower Gallery Show (Aurora, CO); 2007 Main Gallery Tennyson St. Gallery (Denver, CO); 2007 Lapis Arts Gallery (Denver, CO); 2008 Tennyson Gallery Beatles Art Show (Denver, CO); 2008 Tastes Gallery Solo Show Tennyson location and Uptown location (Denver, CO); 2009 Lapis Gallery juried show 2 pieces (Denver, CO); and 2014 and 2015 Broadmoore Hotel Performances (Colorado Springs, CO); 2014 Denver Art Museum Performance (Denver, CO); 2014 Civic Center Performance (Denver, CO); and 2015 MS Walk Performance (Denver, CO).

Tom Mazzullo

"Drawing is a process of discovery, and time spent with a subject is time spent learning about that subject. Drawing is more than copying, or preparing for a bigger artwork, it is a manifestation of the mental picture of a subject, as individual as a thumbprint."

Born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1968, Tom Mazzullo earned a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1990, and an MFA from Syracuse University in 1993. He has exhibited in national competitions, in curated museum shows, and in professional and experimental galleries all over the United States. His drawings have won awards, and he has work in the collections of major museums, including the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, and the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia, and now here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!

Tom has taught at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and at the University of Denver. He currently offers drawing workshops at the Art Students League of Denver.

His drawings are done in silverpoint, an old drawing medium which uses a stylus made of soft metal to draw on specially-prepared papers. After a few years the silver begins to tarnish, and the drawing takes on a warm, dark luster. All of his work begins with observation, and all of the drawings are done from life.

Victoria Mendoza

Victoria Mendoza is a photographer who enjoys contrast, texture and details, and lets the camera find those. The clarity of how an image speaks to her is key. She formalized her long interest for photography in Denver, by getting her degree at Auraria Campus.

She worked for a few years at a fine photography studio in Denver, honing her skills in that area. She then spent eight years traveling and living in different countries around the world, photographing places like Argentina, Greece, Italy, and Japan among others. The last decade she has been in Denver, working as a photographer, translator, and copywriter. Wheat Ridge has been her home since 2011.

Wandering Ink T-Shirts

"Style & Quality - Wandering Ink currently uses Bella and Canvas shirts, which have a soft, vintage feel, and Green Galaxy waterbased ink. All of Wandering Ink's products are hand screened by Marissa in Denver, Colorado."

Wandering Ink is owned and operated by Marissa Mason, who is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Photography from the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Marissa moved to Denver in 2011, and her work is inspired by outdoor adventures, including hiking, canoeing, climbing, and traveling.